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Whether you are seeking tandem sky diving close to San Diego or sky dive schools in California, Skydiving Over San Diego makes sure that you will have the time of your life! No other sky diving company offers more sky diving options near San Diego, California!

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Tandem Skydiving in San Diego

Tandem Skydives

If skydiving is on your 'bucket list' you really need to check out tandem skydiving with us here at Skydiving Over San Diego! Join us here at Skydiving Over San Diego for the most breathtaking ways to experience the thrills and elation of complete freefall sky diving over California. Skydiving is one of life's biggest and best journeys. The rush is indescribable, and the feeling of euphoria lasts for months. Discovering skydiving definitely will change your life!

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San Diego Skydiving School

Learn To Skydive

San Diego Skydiving School affiliates provide two method of starting on the path to solo skydiving, Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression, making sure that you can select the curriculum that is best for you. Whether you want to earn your sky diving certification or would like to start a career in sky diving, San Diego Skydiving School can assist you!

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San Diego Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Awesome for holiday gifts, birthdays or anniversaries, Skydiving Over San Diego Gift Certificates can be ordered as a tandem skydiving experience, a solo course or one of the fantastic San Diego Skydiving packages that Skydiving Over San Diego can provide. Gift Vouchers are valid for 24 months from your purchase date and are fully transferable so that the recipient can always re-gift it!

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Get a Video of your Skydive in San Diego!

San Diego Skydiving Videos

Skydiving Over San Diego affiliates have some of the most experienced aerial videographers in California to capture every bit of the jump of your life! Many dropzones also use another unit, a sports camera, (a video camera mounted on your Tandem Master's forearm) for a lower cost, HD video.

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Come experience the unmatched freedom and thrills of freefalling above the gorgeous surroundings around San Diego! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We are dedicated to delivering you with the best skydiving experiences and training courses at the best possible rates. Call us today to make your desires take flight!

Lying on the coast of the Pacific Ocean within Southern California, San Diego is home to roughly 1.3 million people and is the second largest cities in California, as well as one of the fatest growing cities within the entire United States of America. San Diego is one of the most popular destinations for world class beaches and tourism, making it a widely chosen option when it comes to the adventurous sport of skydiving! Give us a call now to reserve your tandem skydiving jump in San Diego, California!

A "Walk Through" of a Person's Very first Skydive

Skydiving is a trendy sport that offers a surreal experience, causing many first time skydivers to keep coming back to jump again. Skydiving is one of the only times when you can experience something akin to human flight, experiencing a sense of newly discovered freedom. Most people would love to skydive but hold off as they feel the sport is a risky activity. However, The United States Parachuting Association has logged the dives of more than 350,000 people who have completed more than 3 million jumps a year - there is a greater assumed danger associated when driving, especially when compared to skydiving.

Why is Tandem Skydiving Recommended?

It guarantees safety. To fly out on your own, you first need to undergo a series of extensive training courses that will require many hours of groundwork. Besides this, you will need to satisfy all the criteria including successfully passing a written test as well as exhibiting your skydiving capabilities. You can skip all of these prerequisites through tandem skydiving. During a session of tandem skydiving, you will be harnessed to an instructor who has skydived hundreds of times.

First Time Tandem Skydive

Also called tandem parachuting, tandem skydiving requires that student enthusiasts be harnessed to an instructor that will lead them through the process of exiting the aircraft, jumping, and safely touching down onto the ground. In a tandem skydive, 80% of the work is done by your instructors and gravity does the rest, giving you less obligation so that you take in the spectacular views and savor your first skydiving experience. The United States Parachute Association requires individuals taking part in skydiving to be a minimum of 18 years old.

A tandem skydive experience allows you to free fall at 120mph in about a minute. It is convenient because there is hardly any instruction that is required of the student, with minimal training consisting of a short lesson on safety, in addition to a walk-through about what will happen from boarding an aircraft, exiting the aircraft, piloting, and finally landing. You will also learn how you can deploy the actual parachute, although it will not be required for you to do so during the actual skydiving activity.

If you are prone to sudden nausea before your skydive adventure, don't worry as this is normal. Many first-timers get anxious, and those nerves show themselves as an upset stomach or a sense of queasiness. Individuals with average weights of around 200lbs are at a greater risk of getting nauseated but should not worry as this is just a temporary feeling. However, this feeling rapidly dissipates after landing.

To have a safe and worry-free adventure, you will be working with certain pieces of equipment in each of the jumps. Typically, a drogue is used immediately after exiting the aircraft to stabilize terminal acceleration. This also decelerates the descent, prolonging the experience. The main parachute is connected to a reserve parachute. Modern tandem skydiving equipment is also accompanied with an automatic activation device, which will instantly release if it detects that the diver and/or instructor is freefalling below a certain altitude.

Becoming a Skydiving Instructor

Your instructor will generally have at least three years prior experience skydiving, hundreds of log hours in courses and exams, and hundreds of skydives under his belt. He is familiar with every element of skydiving, every piece of equipment and tools.

Preparing for Tandem Skydiving

  • Since you will be spending several hours in your drop zone, take the time to acquaint yourself with the place. Ask for a briefing and get to ask any questions you might have in your mind to make sure that you have an idea of what to expect in the first skydive. Typically, you will be able to bring a light snack and it is recommended that you consume it in the beginning of the tour, so you won't feel sick before and during the freefall.
  • For motion sickness prevention, you may want to take an over the counter medication to help you during the experience.
  • You will be given and fitted with several pieces of safety equipment, including a jumpsuit and a headgear.

The Sensation of Skydiving

Once you are through with the briefing session, you will be harnessed to your instructor and get to enjoy a plane ride prior to diving out the aircraft with the help of your instructor. What follows is the thrill of a free fall experience and the amazing descent underneath a parachute. Many first-time users are surprised by the rush of wind pushing against their face and body. Just be sure you breathe through your mouth and stay comfortable knowing your protective gear is in place to ensure safety throughout the skydive experience.

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